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Key Stage 4 Reporting

Frequently Asked Questions


What information is included in reports?

Autumn and Spring Term

Year 10

Student progress is reported as a letter to indicate whether the students is making expected progress (E), below expected progress (B) or above expected progress (A). Students are also assigned an ‘Attitude to Learning’ grade on a 3 point scale, the definitions of which are below;

1 – Engaged and motivated in lessons and displays a positive attitude to learning. 2 – Occasionally off task with a lack of engagement at times. 3 – A consistent lack of engagement and focus.

In some case, students may also find they have an ‘O’ in the organization column of the report. This indicates that the subject teacher has raised a concern regarding the student’s organization. This might be a concern regarding homework, or regularly forgetting the correct equipment or PE kit.

During the spring term, you are invited to an evening meeting with subject teachers to discuss progress.

End of Year Report

A full written report on pupils’ progress for the year in each subject is available on SIMS Parent. This includes a comment from the form tutor.

Year 11

As above and a parent/carer meeting is also offered to discuss a pupil’s individual progress with each of their subject teachers.

In Year 11, students are issued with Potential GCSE grades. These are shared with parents in the autumn term on the first interim report. This indicates what grade the student, with focus and hard work over the course of Year 11, has the potential to achieve in their GCSE examinations. It is not an estimated grade.

GCSE results will be reported in August.