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School Council is incredibly active within AGGS, it is an integral part of the school’s make up, ensuring that our students have an active role to play within the school, their voices are heard and acted upon. Last year we introduced a School Council Exec which allows students from all the different year groups to meet and discuss whole school issues. This provides continuity and communication between year groups and ensures that our pupils are working together on collective aims. It also provides discussion and an understanding of the needs of all our girls. The Exec feeds back to the Senior Leadership Team and communicates with outside agencies such as visitors and the PTA.

Last year we introduced School Council focuses, giving each year group a project to work upon, this was very successful. Here are some of the things that the School Council achieved last year.


Here are some of the things last year’s school council reps achieved:

You Say: We Did:
Year 7
We need more up to date books and resources in the library Ran a book sale to raise money for the library
Year 8
We need some money to raise funds for things around school Organised a dress up day for year 7 & 8 to raise over ÂŁ400 for school. This is being put towards helping improve stocks in the library
We would like a say as to what happens in the canteen Whole school feedback was given to the canteen about foods, things people thought were good and things that could be improved. We are hoping to launch a food focus group this year
Year 9
The homework diary layout needs changing Some changes have been made to the diary to ensure that there is an area for students to write a to do list
The medical room needs updating Year 9 are continuing to work with the well-being ambassadors to redecorate and improve the medical room and make it into a well-being room, a space for people to have some space
Year 10
Nobody reads the code of conduct We rewrote the code of conduct and made them way more pupil friendly
The school council twitter page doesn’t get used We have included more regular posts to keep students informed about what we are up to
People said the songs in assembly needed updating New songs, suggested by school council, are to be learnt this year in assembly
Year 11
There is no platform for students to share what they have done We have actively posted on the student voice page engaging the school and wider community in aspects of school life
What do we stand for as a school? Conducted a whole school values project which has culminated in the creation of AGGS school values. These will be shared and taken for staff to feedback at the beginning of the new academic year


We hold elections just before October half term. Candidates must write a speech and a manifesto to proclaim why they would like to be a School Council Representative. We use the Trafford Council official ballot boxes and carry out a full election in the dining hall. This is a fantastic chance to engage young people in politics and show them the importance of voting.

Every year, new school council reps take part in a training day where they learn skills integral to being a school council rep. This is run by our Sixth Form Lead Execs. the Head Girls and some year 12s.

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