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Year 8 Homework Timetable


Day 8-1 8-2 8-3 8-4 8-5 8-6 8-7
1 English (50mins) History (40mins) Tech (50mins) Music (50mins) Music (50mins) Spanish(40mins) Spanish(40mins)
German (40mins) German (40mins) French (40mins) Tech (50mins) English (50mins) Science (50mins) English (50mins)
2 Maths (50mins) Maths (50mins) Science (50mins) French (40mins) RS (30mins/1 hr) English (50mins) Art (1hr)
RS (30mins/1 hr) Citizenship (40mins) English (50mins) Spanish(40mins) Citizenship (40mins) Maths (50mins)  
3 Tech (50mins) RS (30mins/1 hr) German (40mins) RS (30mins/1 hr) Maths (50mins) Tech (50mins) Tech (50mins)
  Tech (50mins) Computing (50mins) Science (50mins) Tech (50mins)   Science (50mins)
4 Science (50mins) Art (1hr) Geography (40mins) Citizenship (40mins) French (40mins) Geography (40mins) RS (30mins/1 hr)
Computing (50mins) Science (50mins) RS (30mins/1 hr) English (50mins) History (40mins) RS (30mins/1 hr) Maths (50mins)
5 French (40mins) French (40mins) Citizenship (40mins) Computing (50mins) Science (50mins) Art (1hr) History (40mins)
History (40mins) English (50mins) Maths (50mins) Maths (50mins) Spanish(40mins) German(40mins) German(40mins)
6 RS (30mins/1 hr) Maths (50mins) French (40mins) French (40mins) Art (1hr) Spanish(40mins)  English (50mins)
Music (50mins) Computing (50mins) Science (50mins) Art (1hr) Maths (50mins) Science (50mins) Citizenship (40mins)
7 English (50mins) RS (30mins/1 hr) History (40mins) Geography (40mins) English (50mins) Maths (50mins) Science (50mins)
Geography (40mins) German (40mins) Music (50mins)   RS (30mins/1 hr) History (40mins) Music (50mins)
8 German (40mins) Science (50mins) German (40mins) Spanish(40mins) French (40mins) Computing (50mins) Geography (40mins)
Citizenship (40mins) Geography (40mins) English (50mins) RS (30mins/1 hr) Spanish(40mins) English (50mins) Computing (50mins)
9 French (40mins) French (40mins) Maths (50mins) Science (50mins) Geography (40mins) German(40mins) RS (30mins/1 hr)
Art (1hr) Music (50mins) RS (30mins/1 hr) History (40mins) Computing (50mins) Citizenship (40mins) Spanish(40mins)
10 Science (50mins) English (50mins) Art (1hr) Maths (50mins) Science (50mins) Music (50mins) Maths (50mins)
Maths (50mins)     English (50mins)   RS (30mins/1 hr) German (40mins)