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Alliance for Learning

Key Stage 5 Curriculum

Year 12 and 13

AS and A Levels

Students entering the Sixth Form in September 2016 will be the one of the first cohorts to go through the new A level system. Students will choose 4 subjects to study in Year 12 to give a breadth of education and ensure they make the best possible choices for their final A Levels. Students will then take 3 subjects through to A level in Year 13, following internal end of Year 12 examinations. They will not achieve a qualification in the subject dropped.

The timetable is constructed to meet the greatest number of student preferences and certain subjects and combinations are dependent on student demand and the availability of staff.

Click here to download the 2016 Sixth-Form Options Booklet


Choosing your subjects

It is very important that you make the correct subject choices for you. You will have to study three of these subjects for two years and you will want to get the best grades that you can in them. It is therefore important that you select subjects that you are good at but also subjects that you enjoy.



Opportunities for initiative and leadership

Within the Sixth Form and as part of a much larger school community there are opportunities for everyone. Students are encouraged to take advantage of them or establish new opportunities for others to share. Examples include:

  • Working with younger pupils as a peer mentor or subject mentor
  • Developing services, such as Careers, Education, Information, Advice and Guidance
  • Leading junior workshops
  • Attending conferences, lectures and university open days
  • Being on the Charity Committee
  • Taking part in Young Enterprise competitions
  • Taking part in the National Mock Trial
  • Helping out at Front of House at school events
  • Work Experience
  • All students must participate in some extended period of work experience or community service in the North West region. It is essential for some university courses, especially vocational courses such as physiotherapy, teaching and medicine. It will also help the student to develop a broader range of skills. The opportunity, guidance and time to do this is offered at the end of Year 12.