Key Stage 5: Post 18 Options

Timeline for Post 18 Options

Careers KS4 timeline

Year 12

Work Experience

During a specific week in July, all Year 12 students are requested to secure a week’s Work Experience. This placement is arranged by the student and should be related to a career path of their choice.

Please see the documents below regarding arranging work experience for download:

Careers Fortnight

Year 12 Careers Fortnight takes place in November. The aim is to provide students with information and resources about what they might wish to do post 18, whether it be university, an apprenticeship scheme, a Gap year or employment. A range of assemblies take place over the two weeks delivering information on the labour market, employability skills, apprenticeships, researching options and interview techniques as well as careers speakers and Alumnae invited into lessons or to give a lunchtime talk about their careers experience. The students also have the opportunity to take part in a practice interview conducted by a number of volunteers invited into school. 

During the Post 18 Options Day 1 in March, students get the chance to visit the UCAS Convention at Manchester Central. During Post 18 Options Day 2 in July, students begin the UCAS application process and preparing their personal statements. 


Year 13

Year 13 spend time completing and finalising applications for choices beyond AGGS. Student finance come into school and give a talk on student finance. See link below:

Useful websites

Alternative Pathways and Higher Education talks are offered to Year 12 and 13 students to find out more about the World of Work, Apprenticeships and University, University Courses and Gap Year Opportunities.

Connexions TraffordThe Careers Room at the Sixth Form is always available to use at anytime with useful information and guidance and many University prospectuses. Careers interviews can be arranged with our Connexions Adviser, Anne Parkins.

UCASThe UCAS support is very strong at AGGS and we aim to provide all our students with the individual help, advice and support needed to enable them to make informed and mature choices about their future.

Open daysUniversity open day calendar to see all the University open days

Not Going to UniFor those who are thinking of a different route to university.

Which? UniversityFind the best university and courses for you.
Bringing together UCAS courses, official data and expert advice from Which?

My Student HallsA search Engine which helps students find their perfect student halls at university

GapForce - Benefits of volunteering abroad

Gap Force – benefits of volunteering abroad:

Post 18 Higher Education Evening information