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Key Stage 4

Years 10 and 11

Connexions TraffordDuring Year 10 and Year 11 pupils will be invited to attend Careers interviews with our Connexions Adviser, Colette McLoughlin. A lunchtime drop-in session is held at the Sixth Form Careers Library on a Monday lunchtime, giving independent and up-to-date advice on post 16 and post 18 options.

Post 16 opportunities:

Apprenticeships and other 6th Forms and Colleges –

Post 18 opportunities:


The Year 10 Enterprise day follows the Careers Day where pupils work on a NatWest Moneysense activity planning, setting up, running and marketing a coffee shop. The aim of the task is for pupils to work effectively as a team to understand financial planning and management and identify skills and attributes necessary for future employment and team building.

Y10 Careers Day July 2014Careers Day

On 8th July we invited volunteers into school to conduct practice interviews with our Year 10 pupils as part of their Careers Day.

The day started with an inspirational talk by an ex-student, Stephanie Neill, and was followed by a CV writing skills and .. Read more..


Year 11 Fundopoly Enterprise Day delivered by employees of the Bank of New York (BNY) Mellon shows the pupils the concept of the stock exchange and buying and selling in stocks and shares.

Fundopoly 2016Year 11 Fundopoly Enterprise Day


On 28th September Year 11 took part in a Fundopoly day trading in stocks and shares on the AGGS Stock Market. The day was delivered and run by employees of BNY Mellon. Trading was tough and highly competitive as the girls worked in teams to make as much money as they possibly could before trading ended.

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Pupils from Year 10-13 are invited at lunchtimes to hear how professionals chose their career paths and what inspired them to enter their particular profession. We believe talks from aspirational outside speakers raise our girls’ aspirations and challenge stereotyping, helping them to make positive and well informed decisions about their career choices. We welcome any parents/carers who would be willing to give up a short amount of their time to come and speak to our pupils.
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Careers Convention

Years 10-12 pupils are expected to attend the Biennial Careers Convention held on March every other year. See the latest Careers Convention Event