Bright Futures Educational Trust is committed to providing the best possible opportunities for the children, young people, families and communities that we serve. Our schools work collaboratively across the Trust and with other partner schools and agencies to get the best for everyone.
Bright Futures Educational Trust
Alliance for Learning

Assessment Overview

We believe that outstanding teaching and learning has rigorous and meaningful assessment at its heart and that this is used to inform teachers, parents/carers, pupils/students. There are different types of assessment that we use and these can broadly be split into two main types: formative assessment and summative assessment.

Formative assessment takes place in every lesson and reshapes learning and teaching as it provides regular and meaningful feedback both to the teacher and the learner. This feedback can be through various different methods such as: discussion, written work, self or peer assessment or through formative testing. Pupils/students are regularly involved in formative assessment and through their time at the school will develop skills to help them to assess their work and set challenging targets for improvement. Teachers will also provide pupils/students with meaningful formative assessment comments which will include clear targets for improvement (that the student should act upon) and also celebrate areas of strength.
It is therefore our aim that each pupil/student will be able to identify what they are doing well and what they must do to further improve within each subject.

Summative assessments are used for a number of purposes and once again, these assessments are used (where possible) to enable both teachers and pupils/students to develop next steps for learning.