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Code breaking workshop
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10th July 2017

Breaking Workshop run by Y11 to Y7s

On Wednesday 5th July, some of the Year 11 students who competed so successfully in theĀ Alan Turing Cryptography Competition, run by the University of Manchester, returned to school to run a cryptography competition of their own. All of year 7 got to hear some of the tips and tricks Helen, Fiona, Miranda, Antonia, Hannah, Katie, Amy and Ellie had learned through the competition and then took part in a competition planned and executed to perfection. Four codes, designed to test the skills of the year 7s revealed the code to a safe, containing prizes for the winning team. One year 7 student said: ā€œWe had a great time breaking the codes- I didnā€™t realise it could be so much fun!ā€

Breaking Workshop run by Y11 to Y7s Breaking Workshop run by Y11 to Y7s