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  • The Green Light Neon Sky Prompt

    12th November 2021
    The Green Light Write something inspired by the prompt: Neon Sky. Poem, Story, article, anything! Send to by Monday 13th December to be put into Half Term's edition. If you have...More
  • In Someone Else’s Pocket Prompt

    8th November 2021
    The Green Light Entry for In Someone Else's Pocket The Old Times As everyone is, we are all attached to our past, particularly memories of our primary school days. There is always a lot of nostalgia surrounding...More
  • Shoes, Hats, Sundays Prompt

    8th November 2021
    The Green Light These are the ones for the half-term prompt, 'Shoes, Hats, Sundays': Preet G, Y9 - Challenge Winner: Evie A, Y10 - A Work (Poem): soft piano shoesadorn the wallsglitter in the mistthe sweet dusty...More
  • ‘Drab’ – Maia S H, Y8

    1st April 2021
    I blow my nose, He makes me feel ill, I close my eyes, I don't wish to see him any longer, If I don't I'll find myself ponder, He's really not that bad, Someday he'll grab someone...More
  • ‘Rain’ – Preet G, Y8

    1st April 2021
    The song of the rain sings softly, A slight drizzle, a pleasant break, From the ever beating, shining sun, Dripping from leaf to leaf, second to none   However, the sweet rain cannot always pour, always sing, For it is...More