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  • ‘Cinderella (modern version)’ – Arpita G, Year 7

    1st March 2019
    Chapter 1 Once upon a time far far away....... in fact, the events took place in a time of computer technologies and hipsters, fast food and scientific breakthrough and poverty. Olivia is kind hearted, pretty and...More
  • ‘Into the Woods’ – Milli H

    9th February 2019
    As the frost-tipped snowflakes fall down, From the gloomy sky above, The fairy grabs her frost crown, from a nearby passing dove. The frost sprites come to greet her, as she comes down to the ground, All the snow is in a...More
  • ‘Into the Woods’ – Laura L, Year 13

    9th February 2019
    The trees of the forest shake their golden leaves They have no fear of falling to the ground And fairies wait to braid their wreaths The pine cones they find lying all around Within the twisted branches hide a show, Of...More
  • ‘Cinderella’ – Marusya B, Year 7

    9th February 2019
    Well of course you've all heard the story, Of a pumpkin, some magic and a little bit of gory... A tale of the evil, the good and the bad, And the tale of a good little prince (what an annoying little lad!) But let's look...More
  • ‘A Princess in a Lonely Tower’ – Ella T, Year 7

    9th February 2019
    She drew her breath, Her heart loud, Her eyes darted to the floor. She dreamed, She wished, Nothing coming from it. A prince, A Queen, A king, They all wished. Nothing coming from it. The ground was, Far, far,...More