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    22nd November 2015
    The newest member of staff from the English department, Dr Adamson, kindly agreed to let us interview her. Here is the result! How are you finding AGGS?                                              ...More

    17th November 2015
    One of our newest member of staff is Mr Flanagan, from the History department. After weeks of persuasion, Mr Dickson (who was finding it hard to cope, no longer being new!) finally allowed us to interview Mr Flanagan: How...More
  • Mr Toman and Mr Lemmon

    12th March 2015
    After a slow start we managed to drag Mr Toman away from the maths, long enough  to interview him, along with Mr Lemmon... How are you finding AGGS? Mr Toman: Yeah, I'm really enjoying it! Its a really good school, I...More
  • Interview: Mr England

    21st December 2014
    Mr England is a new trainee teacher for the English department. We caught up one lunch time to see how things were going... How are you finding AGGS? "I'm finding it wonderful. I think the first thing to make clear is that...More
  • Interview: Miss Maunder

    15th December 2014
    This year, Miss Maunder became the newest member of the IT/Computing department. We caught up with her to see how she is finding her first term at AGGS! How are you finding AGGS (compared to other schools)? "I am really...More