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  • How humanist are you?

    24th June 2019
    It was The World Humanist Day on Friday 21st June. How humanist are you? Find out by taking this quick...More
  • RS Quiz No 6

    10th May 2019
    Can you name the Muslim female World War 2 veteran who was awarded a George Cross for bravery? What was the name of the first mosque in Britain and who founded it? Where does the musical instrument the lute come...More
  • RS Quiz No. 5 – Easter

    2nd April 2019
    Easter Quiz The second largest holiday for eating candy is Easter. Which is the first? In which country did the idea of the Easter bunny start? What was the purpose of the Easter Act passed in the UK in 1928? True...More
  • RS Quiz No. 4

    15th February 2019
    Judaism quiz from the Jewish Society, written by Ruby in Year 8 How many Gods do Jewish People believe in? What did G-d give to Moses on Mount Sinai? What is the name of the three most common Jewish denominations...More
  • RS Quiz No 3

    10th December 2018
    10 Questions to debunk Christmas Myths   How many wise men are there?   Why is Christmas celebrated on December 25th?   What, in the traditional nativity story, may be a clue as to why this event...More