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  • Newsletter, Issue 2

    30th November 2021
    Chemistry Week, MFL, Christmas Concert, Charity, Dance trip, Maths, Antibullying week, Diversity ambassadors, USTAV event, Sports and...More
  • Newsletter, Issue 1

    22nd October 2021
    Read about how we celebrated Black History Month at AGGS, and our Media Team reports about Wellbeing, Biology talks, Black History Month, Charity week and Culture Quest. Find out about English, Food & Nutrition, MFL,...More
  • Newsletter, Issue 7

    16th July 2021
      Summer Serenade, MFL, The Green Light, Diversity Week, Careers & Enterprise, Food & Nutrition, Textiles, Sports news, Library Reading Challenge, Alumnae turns...More
  • Newsletter, Issue 6

    25th June 2021
    Opera workshop, Brass workshop, Art exhibition, Biology Olympiad success, MFL Translation success, Athletics and Tennis and also CVQO Westminster Award...More
  • AGGS Newsletter, Issue 5

    28th May 2021
    Media Team, Art, English, Dance, Food & Nutrition, German club, History, Physics, Library book reviews and Wellbeing ambassadors exam preperation document on our newsletter for this Half...More