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  • Japan Trip returns

    23rd February 2019
    We have returned safely from a fantastic trip to Japan. The students have been a real pleasure to accompany and were a credit to themselves and the school. See the trip blog here Mrs. Edmundson and Mr....More
  • Japan – Day 4

    21st February 2019
    Good evening all, or should we say, ‘good morning’!? Today our friends jet-lag and exhaustion certainly made their presence known- I don’t think a mini-bus of 13 teenage girls have ever been so quiet; ‘The Best...More
  • Japan – Day 3

    19th February 2019
    The traditional style breakfast this morning included natto (fermented soy beans) which were an acquired taste but something we were all eager try. After our interesting breakfast, we packed our bags and got in a coach to...More
  • Japan – Day 2

    18th February 2019
    Japan Day 2 Feeling slightly more energised than the previous day , we set off from the hotel to visit the Meiji Shinto shrine. Our guide explained to us how Shinto shrines were for happy occasions such as weddings and other...More
  • Japan – Day 1

    17th February 2019
    Konnichiwa!  Welcome to our first blog about the exciting adventures we will have in Japan. You probably thought our day started off normally where we are all energised and ready to go. Wrong! Half of us were waking up...More