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  • Anti-Bullying Week

    3rd December 2018
    For Anti-Bullying Week this year, the Anti-Bullying team did an assembly for all year groups to promote this year’s theme: Choose Respect. We believe the messages were extremely important so we've made a blog post to...More
  • OUR GOALS FOR THE YEAR & Anti-Bullying Week 2018!

    28th September 2018
    Welcome back to our blog! Here are our goals for 2018 and what you should look forward to this year! Firstly, we will be starting Anti-Bullying Drop-In Sessions for all years. Our main goal this year is to create a scheme...More

    16th June 2018
    This year, Anti-Bullying Ambassadors created a banner for Stand Up to Bullying Day and to raise awareness about reporting bullying rather than being a bystander. But no, this wasn't an ordinary banner. After spending a week...More
  • AGGS Training Day 2018

    25th May 2018
    Our new Year 9 ambassadors were trained recently and AGGS hosted the Anti-Bullying training day for schools in Manchester. The Year 9s were joined by other passionate students from secondary schools and took part in a...More
  • Youth Board Trip 2018

    3rd May 2018
    Hello, I'm Hira (Year 12) and I have been an Anti-Bullying Ambassador for nearly 3 years at AGGS. Last year I applied to be a part of the National Youth Board and earlier this year I was shortlisted. After an interview with...More