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  • Black History Month at AGGS

    22nd October 2021
    Across school, we have been celebrating Black History Month. Here is just a small snapshot of activities students have participated in:   Music: Pupils in every year group have been introduced to black musicians and...More
  • Biology Week: Re-generation talk

    12th October 2021
    Last Thursday, AGGS held a fascinating talk on re-generation for Y9s to 13s, as part of this year’s science-fiction theme of the science behind the reality of science fiction. It was really amazing to see how animals...More
  • Biology Week: De-extinction

    11th October 2021
    De-extinction was a brilliant talk that covered multiple aspects of the process of bringing a species back to life. We explored different projects that were taking place (such as reviving the woolly mammoth), and different...More
  • Biology Week: Parasites

    11th October 2021
    The talk on parasites introduced us to some examples of parasites, such as Ophiocordyceps unilateralis, a fungus that can ‘zombify’ ants, and plasmodiums, which can cause malaria. We also learned about what parasites...More
  • Newsletter, Issue 6

    25th June 2021
    Opera workshop, Brass workshop, Art exhibition, Biology Olympiad success, MFL Translation success, Athletics and Tennis and also CVQO Westminster Award...More