Carol Concert 2018
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20th December 2018

Carol-concertThis Thursday brought AGGS’ annual Carol Concert where students from across the various years read the first eight of the traditional nine readings spanning from the enmity between the serpent and Eve to the final, ninth reading, the mystery of the reincarnation, read, as usual, by Headmistress Ms Gill.

The concert was attended throughout the day by Senior, Junior and Chamber Choir as well as Flute Ensemble who performed a wonderful rendition of Holy Night from the back of the church which resonated throughout the entire hall. Senior Choir sang Carol of the Bells acapella; the dynamics grew in a crescendo to a fortissimo peak before suddenly dropping until the whole piece was repeated once again with a separate harmonious ending. But perhaps the most astounding choral performance was the Chamber Choir’s performance of Ave Maria by Holst – a fantastic eight-part piece where the Latin of every group of singers simply blended together in soaring melody.

The final piece of the service was Silent Night, performed by a combination of the choirs and accompanied by Ms Mayall on piano. The arrangement, which was written by Ms Dickinson, started with Chamber Choir singing the carol in German which then led into all three choirs singing the English in unison. In a wonderful finishing touch, Chamber Choir performed White Christmas in three parts as students and teachers filed out of the church.

Both services throughout the day were incredibly successful and included various hymns, readings and different performances, including three fantastic individual performances by Anna T with her solo during the morning and Miranda W and Beth G with their duet in the afternoon. Both performed songs from Handel’s The Messiah – `He shall feed his flock` for am and `How beautiful are the feet` for pm.

Well done to those who performed and participated in the wonderful service; a lovely way to finish the term.

By Lucy W