AGGS Christmas Markets
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17th December 2021

Last Monday and Monday this week (the 6th and 13th), the Christmas markets returned to AGGS, in the Main Hall and was exceedingly popular with our students. It was great to have in-person markets again, after having a virtual one last year. Many purchases were made from the variety of tempting options that were open, and the festive decorations that adorned the hall, added to the Christmas spirit. Overall the atmosphere was very festive.

A wide range of products were available, from hot chocolate bombs to tote bags and rings, as well as many sweet treats including cakes, brownies and doughnuts, which were enjoyed by all. It was an amazing chance for many to shop for Christmas gifts also a benefitting experience for young entrepreneurs, as it gave them a small taste of the world of business, as well as marketing, advertising their stalls to passers-by. There were many innovative ideas from students, which were really impressive to see.

Overall, this was a brilliant opportunity for all our students and many thanks are given for the support which was given by everyone!

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Written by Preet G & Gloria C, Y9