Space Week Sleep Over
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2nd December 2019

After a week packed full of amazing activities, space week was concluded on Friday 15th November with a space sleepover for year 10 stem club students, organised by Mrs Hulme to as a thank you for helping run space week. The main hall was filled with dozens of sleeping bags and mattresses for the night. We started the night with a fun and competitive activity where we split into teams and tried to find the correct combination of lenses for a telescope. After eventually finding the right pair, we held them at different distances to try and read some information on the other side of the hall about different nebulae. We then had lots of snacks and pizza and put Children in Need on. Later on, everyone got into their sleeping bags and watched Gravity together. It was a super fun night and we all had an amazing time – thank you to all the teachers who made it possible! Written by Nishi U, Year 10 (SDL)