Making T-shirt’s was out of this world!
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2nd December 2019

Year 10 stem ambassadors helped Year 9 make space themed T-shirt’s using diluted bleach. The process was a great way to mix STEM and creativity!

There were many designs to choose from, but rocket patterns especially were a blast! We then stuck our templates onto the shirt, using newspaper underneath to stop the bleach from leaking. Next, the fun part! Bleach was either sprayed or painted onto the shirt around the design. Spraying was great at creating a design that looked like stars in a galaxy. All the shirts looked ‘sun’sational, especially with gradients of bleach.

Overall the experience was definitely worth giving up time after school. Mrs Hulme did a fantastic job of keeping it fun and lively, whilst teaching us about STEM.

Can’t wait for space week next year! 

Delisha R, 10-4 (SDL)