Goodbye Year 13!
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13th May 2019

The 8th of May marked the last day of school for Year 13. Year 13s celebrated with their teachers in the morning and the leavers lunch was a chance to take pictures with teachers, friends and form groups. The lovely afternoon continued with a wonderful leavers assembly featuring the talented musicians and singers from the year group, a rendition of Cinderella by the form tutors and several farewell speeches. It was definitely an emotional end to the day as Year 13s sang  ‘Let it Be’ and the school song, ‘Fortiter, Fideliter, Feliciter‘ for the final time.

From all of Year 13, thank you to all the teachers who organised and planned the final day; we couldn’t think of a better way to say goodbye.

Finally, a farewell message from the Year 13 writers:

Hello, I’m Hira and I have written for this blog for the past 4 years (a very long time). I have thoroughly enjoyed documenting charity bake sales, interviewing teachers and writing about the fantastic events that happen at AGGS.  Recently, the Media Team was created so I had a lot more help writing and running the blog. I am extremely thankful for all the team have done and look forward to everything they will continue to do. Writing for the blog has been a wonderful experience and I hope parents, staff and pupils have enjoyed reading the AGGS News blog! Also, a huge thank you to Mrs Thorp who has taught me the ways of WordPress and to Miss Bown for always supplying me with the best pictures after sifting through the thousands taken!

Hi! I’m Amy. I’m relatively new to the media team, having joined last year, but I’ve thoroughly enjoyed being a part of it. I’ve enjoyed feeling like a roving reporter on the scene at various school events, and I’ve covered the various music concerts and drama performances that have taken place. I’m really going to miss writing for the blogs, but I look forward to seeing what the team get up to after I leave, and I hope I can get involved in something similar at university.

So as this is our final blog post, we thought we would share the memories we have created and captured throughout our time at AGGS. To those who have been here for 7 years, and to those who have joined us throughout the years, good luck for the exams and the future!

Written by Hira