Good Food Show
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20th December 2018

GF_WINTER_2015This term, KS4 food tech students all went to The Good Food Show, a BBC run event lasting several days which they call “The ultimate experience for food lovers”.

According to one student who attended the trip, the trip was “absolutely amazing”. She described the amazing amounts of things to see, do and eat as well as the astounding differences of each and every stall and the brilliant shows. The students travelled between the various stalls during the day and were given the chance to sample foods and watch demonstrations. She also said that all the different chefs were helpful as well as talented and knowledgeable – willing to answer any questions and queries.

The event was split into three stages: the big kitchen, the BBC Good Food Stage and the Winter Kitchen; the whole place was bursting with people and stalls with thousands of activities.

Most of the students, when told they were going, didn’t know what to expect but said they were excited, happy and had an extremely fun time, learning about everything from the random, to the obvious, including how to get interesting patterns with different colours of food dye.

The students definitely suggest anyone with an interest or love for food, whether that love is enormous or tiny, should definitely attend!

Written by a food & nutrition student