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  • Newsletter Issue 5

    22nd December 2017
    Read all about the Christmas activities that have took place in school on the last few weeks on our lkast newsletter for...More
  • AGGS Charity Day

    22nd December 2017
    Today, AGGS was hosting another brilliant charity day, which included the Year 13s pantomime, the talent show and stalls in the dinning room. The day went extremely well, atmosphere was great, and we are proud to announce...More
  • Christmas Enterprise Markets

    22nd December 2017
    The Y7, Y8 and Y9 Christmas Enterprise markets were as successful and as busy as ever this year. We had a variety of creative stalls selling; mobile phone cases, mini knitted hats, pot-pourri and homemade Christmas candles...More
  • Christmas Is On Its Way!

    20th December 2017
    We are coming close to the end of half term and many Christmas festivities have begun! AGGS' Christmas Concert this year was a success; showcasing a range of talented students (over 260 in total). Performances included: ...More
  • RS Quiz No 3 – Answers

    10th December 2017
    10 Questions to debunk Christmas Myths – Answers How many wise men are there? We do not know! We assume there are three, simply because of the three gifts that are given (Gold, Frankincense, Myrrh). Why is...More