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17th November 2015

One of our newest member of staff is Mr Flanagan, from the History department. After weeks of persuasion, Mr Dickson (who was finding it hard to cope, no longer being new!) finally allowed us to interview Mr Flanagan:

How are you finding AGGS (compared to other schools)?
I’m really really enjoying it! It’s been great, I think what’s been wonderful so far, compared to maybe other schools I’ve worked at, is the attitude of the students in terms of really wanting to learn and I think that makes it a pleasure to teach really. So yeah, I’ve settled in really well.

What’s the best thing about AGGS?
Well, as I’ve said, I think it’s the students wanting to learn and come in with a really good attitude to learning. I’ve got to say the staff as well as the students have just been really welcoming, so that’s made me feel at home almost instantly which has been great!

What made you want to teach History in particular?
I’ve always had a passion for history so it was always my favourite subject at school. It was then what I enjoyed most out of my A levels. I wasn’t really sure what I wanted to do after that so I did history at university and it kind of seemed a shame to stop doing history after that point because I loved it so much. I especially got into history from having a really good teacher at school so I thought actually it would be a nice to try to get other people interested in it.

What is your favourite topic to teach?
Oooh, I think Nazi Germany because it’s something that I looked at very closely doing my degree and I wrote my dissertation on the holocaust. I think something you’ve studied to that depth is obviously something that you’re going to be interested in. It’s really fascinating.

If you could teach another subject what would it be and why?
Ooh that’s interesting. Probably P.E because I love sport and I play quite a bit of sport so if I could teach another subject, it probably would be P.E

What other job would you have if it wasn’t teaching?
Erm, I don’t know actually- that’s a very good question! I quite like economics too so I’ve got quite an interest in that, or maybe something in politics or around that field.  Either something to do with finance and economics or possibly even politics really.
Nothing sports related? Maybe a professional football player?
Well  I was never good enough at sport to play professionally and there’s not really much else you can do with that really!

At school what was your least favourite subject?
It was French and I think that was because I was actually just really bad at it . I’ve never really been good at languages, much to the frustration of my teachers and because I struggled with it, I think I didn’t enjoy it for that reason to be honest.

What A Levels did you take?
I took: Law, Economics, History and AS politics as well. That’s two subjects you don’t do here!

Have you made any new friends at AGGS?
Yeah like said everyone has been really nice. Obviously the people I spend most of my time with are in the History and Geography office so we’re quite a tight knit group. They’ve made me feel really welcome but so has everyone around the school. I’ve only been here a bit and you don’t see others as much but I’m looking forward to get to know people a lot better as well.

What are your hobbies?
So I play quite a lot of football. Apart from that I’m into music so I go to a lot of gigs etc. And I like to spend a lot of time reading to be honest.
Any favourite bands?
Arctic Monkeys are one of my personal favourites, they remind me of my youth! When they first broke on the scene I was around eighteen I think so they’ve always been a favourite for that reason.
What team do you support?
I’m a Manchester United Fan.  I do give preferential treatment to students who are Manchester United fans! (Just kidding)
There are quite a lot of us!
Yeah there is so that’s good, but obviously some people get singled out but that’s their own fault isn’t it for supporting the wrong team!

Can you tell us one interesting fact about yourself?
I have a black belt in karate which I got when I was about fourteen or fifteen but I’ve not done it since then. That’s something that you maybe wouldn’t expect!

Do you have any final words of advice for AGGS students?
Just keep working hard really and try to get some enjoyment out of anything you do because I believe if you enjoy what you’re doing and enjoy what you’re learning, you will learn more!

We would like to give a big thanks to Mr Flanagan for giving up the time to answer our questions, and we wish him the best for the rest of the year!