Wellbeing Conference
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8th December 2014

Year 10 students and Youth Cabinet members spent last Friday participating in a day to help inform young people and raise awareness about the importance of wellbeing. Three of our students organised the entire day and ensured that the whole thing ran smoothly. These pupils were Hannah, Hannah (year 10) and Lauren (year 12).

Hannah and Lauren presented an initiative that they have developed. The aim was to encourage schools to sign up to a “Wellbeing Pledge”. The pledge aims to ensure that there is a consistent approach to wellbeing and was born out of the pupils own experiences. Hannah and Lauren presented confidently and passionately about this cause. The feedback that the girls received from their pledge was very positive. Teachers and professionals commented that they were “blown away” and “really impressed” by the fantastic work the girls had done. A number of schools in the local area have already signed up to the Wellbeing Pledge, an amazing achievement.

Pupils spent the day in workshops learning about services available to them. They spent the afternoon questioning local high profile figures within the wellbeing professions in a panel Q & A session.

Overall the day was a great success raising awareness of some very important issues. The day also enabled our pupils to participate in the national conversation about wellbeing and influence and engage with key decision makers. A huge well done to all involved.