Mr & Mrs Event!
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21st December 2014

Ecuador Team A led by Mr Davenport and Miss O’Hara organised a teacher charity event based on the popular TV show, Mr & Mrs. The game involved eight couples from different departments who went head to head answering questions about each other.

Mr & Mrs Event!

The staff seemed to be enjoying themselves!

The questions ranged from: “What is your partner’s eye colour?” to “Who is the best teacher?” and the departments included:
English (Miss Devlin and Miss O’Hara)
Maths  (Miss Williams and Mr Thompson)
Maths II (Mr Carr and Mr Barry)
R.S. (Miss Turnbull and Mr Davenport)
Citizenship (Miss Bowyer and Miss Stokwisz)
Drama (Miss Willmott and Miss Ryan)
Geography (Mr Emms and Mr Lovelady)
and Psychology (Mrs Hughes and Miss Stanley)

Round One allowed us to see the true colours of the Drama department who were caught cheating – multiple times!
It brought the demise of the Geography department after sudden death as they failed to answer the question correctly. Mr Lovelady was clearly distraught as he threw his whiteboard on the floor!

Mr & Mrs Event!

We bid farewell to Geography!

Round two passed quickly and Maths was divided as Mr Thompson and Miss Williams lost in the sudden death between R.S, Maths and Psychology.

Mr & Mrs Event!

Maths is next to leave!

Round three included tough questions such as “Where was your partner born?” and “What was their first job?” Surprisingly, everyone got all the questions correct – this meant the next round would have two departments leaving…

Round four enlightened us to the fact that Miss O’Hara has size 4 feet! Psychology was out, and R.S and Citizenship were saved as they got their questions correct.

Mr & Mrs Event!

Another one bites the dust…

Round five revealed the vain ones in the game. The question “Who is the best teacher?” was asked and Miss Devlin and Mr Barry said themselves out of their couples! R.S were both modest and said ‘Both’. The round ended theatrically with Drama leaving, then a sudden death between R.S. and English. Much to everyone’s dismay, both R.S and English failed to get the question “What is your partner’s favourite TV show?” correct- meaning three departments were sent out.


Mr & Mrs Event!

Miss O’Hara is devestated by her defeat!


Mr & Mrs Event!

The audience’s favourite is the next to leave!

The final round was slightly different. Six difficult questions were asked to the remaining couples, testing how well they truly know each other. The final question; “Who is the best in a crisis?” declared our winners – Mr Carr and Mr Barry, officially the two teachers (from the same department) who know each other the best!

Mr & Mrs Event!

Team Bazarr came out on top!

Mr Carr and Mr Barry said; “We are absolutely delighted to win, not shocked at all because we spent many days getting to know each other,”
However, they admitted they were heartbroken that their ‘trio’ of Mr Carr, Mr Arthur and Mr Barry had been broken and only “Bazaar” remains.


Mr & Mrs Event!


Mr & Mrs Event!

Overall, the Mr & Mrs was a huge success, both as a game and as a fundraiser for Ecuador Team A!