Mr Carr’s 12 12 12!
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15th December 2014

As some of you may know Mr Carr is doing 12 challenges this year, one every month! He is doing this to raise money for 12 well known charities and help those in need. The charities include: Age UK, MS Society, NSPCC, Cancer Research UK and The British Heart Foundation. We caught up with him one lunch time to discover more…

What inspired you to do this?
“I felt like doing something for somebody else and it keeps me busy and active. I’m a lucky person because I’m healthy, I’ve got a job and  an education so I can do something to help.”

What challenges have you done so far?
“So far I’ve done: A 26 mile bike ride, trekked up and down Snowden, run 100 miles in a month, walked 10,000 steps a day in September called Steptember, a Freight Hike in October, which is a 19 mile hike, at night in Sherwood Forest. Last month as you all know I was walking round with a ginger moustache for Movember. I’m currently doing a 26 mile swim in a month which is the equivalent to swimming the English Channel. That’s equal to 1344 laps in the swimming pool! This is personal to me because I previously tried and failed this challenge!”

What challenges have you got planned for the future?
“Next month I’ll be doing a challenge called ‘Live Below The Line’ where you can spend only £1 on food and drink a day. It emulates what it’s like to live below the poverty line. For Comic Relief in March I will be doing something funny like leg waxing. In April I will do the Manchester Marathon and a triathlon the following month.”

Why did you choose the charities that you chose?
“I chose some of them because they mean something to me. I chose MS Society because MS is in the family and my dad raised lots of money for NSPCC. I chose Cancer Research because 1 in 3 people are affected by cancer so it’s a useful one.”

How much have you raised so far and what is your goal?
“Well I plan to raise £1,200 as it fits in with the whole 12 12 12 theme and so far I have raised £700. As an extra little challenge I won’t cut my hair until I have raised all the money and then once I have it all I will shave my head!”

What has been your favourite challenge so far?
“Running the 100 miles in a month definitely. Even though it was really hard, it was a massive achievement for me.”

What challenge are you most looking forward to?
“There isn’t a particular challenge, but I’m looking forward to collecting all the money. If if I had to choose I’d say the triathlon because I’ve never done it before.”

What was your least favourite challenge?
“Movember! It’s because it’s not a physical challenge, it’s more emotional and very embarrassing. People must be thinking, “Why on earth has he got a ginger moustache?” I’m also not enjoying the swimming challenge because I’m a really bad swimmer and it gets really boring. I have done 231 laps so far in 15 days.”

What challenge are you dreading?
“Live Below The Line, because I like to eat. I can spend double the amount of money for a two week food shop. I’ll also be training for a marathon that week so I’m going to try and eat as much pasta and protein as I can. It’ll make me grumpier than I already am!”

What food are you going to miss eating the most?
“I’m really going to miss eating chocolate and drinking coke…I’m going to have to be really sensible about it.”

What are you most proud of?
“Just doing it and not failing yet. People have been really supportive and aren’t questioning me in a bad way.”

If you would like to sponsor Mr Carr, click here. He has only £500 left to raise and would love to exceed his target. Help him to raise money and change the lives of many… every penny counts!