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8th December 2014

On Wednesday the organisation Since 9/11 visited the school and Edward Parsons spoke to a range of pupils. Year 10 General Citizenship students, the Model United Nations team and the Year 11 GCSE Citizenship enjoyed engaging and emotive workshops on 9/11 and how it has had an impact on the world. The workshops were different for each group focusing on various elements including the events of the actual day, the causes of terrorism and its consequences. The girls asked some excellent questions and were able to explore how this tragic event has changed the face of international politics and how countries relate to one another. Students were able to explore the recent conflicts within the Middle East and consider how this has put a huge strain on global diplomacy. The GCSE Citizenship group were able to link this event and its impacts to issues that they are required to study such as identity, multiculturalism and immigration. All in all this was a fantastic opportunity for our students and the sessions were very informative and exciting for the students and teachers involved.

Since 9/11 is passionate about ensuring that young people understanding the facts about this event and how it has had an effect on global politics.


Although not all students were able to see the speaker they can get involved in a competition run by the organisation. The competition requires pupils to write a short essay or create a 3-5 min film on the question:

How did 9/11 change the world?

To enter the competition students should visit the website:

Any enquiries should be sent to:


Good Luck