AGGS Alumnae Art Exhibition
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26th June 2014

Alumnae CabinetOn Thursday 26th June 2014 we held our Alumnae Art Exhibition and Drinks Reception in the Main Hall. The event was very well attended by former pupils and members of staff. We attracted a lot of younger members who had only left more recently, which meant we now have a nice mix of all ages in our Alumnae. Former pupils enjoyed looking at old photos and school magazines, and had a tour of the school conducted by our Year 12 ambassadors. The Year 12s enjoyed the tours just as much as our Alumnae as they talked about and remembered how the school used to be in years gone by. Ladies enjoyed looking at the artefacts in our new Alumnae display cabinet which was donated by the Old Girls’ Society and were impressed by the standard of GCSE and A Level artwork being exhibited in the Hall. So engrossed were people talking to former friends and looking around the school that we found it difficult asking people to leave at the end of the evening. If you know a former AGGS pupil or staff member, please ask them to contact us to join the Alumnae and be informed of any future events.